Established in 1985, Beijing Institute of Technology Press(BITP)is a nation-level comprehensive printing and publishing house with electronic publishing right gained in 1995, obtaining audio & video publishing right gained in 2005,and Internet publishing right gained in 2014.

  Sponsored by Beijing Institute of Technology,the Press, is directly administrated under the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China(MIIT).

  Shouldering the mission of “Disseminating Knowledge and Passing on Our Culture”, BITP now has formed its own publishing pattern with academic publishing as the mainstay and the educational and public publishing as the supplement.

  As for academic publications, in addition to its traditional advantages on automobile books, BITP has also published considerable scientific publications of distinctive characteristics and profound influence. In 2011 BITP set up four academic publishing funds for natural science, social science, educational science, and technical science which was another great contribution for Chinese academic publishing.

  In the field of educational publications, BITP keeps consolidating the higher educational, higher vocational and technical textbooks, and developing the undergraduate, graduate and secondary vocational textbooks as well. It has published large amounts of teaching materials at state and ministerial levels as well as fine-designed textbooks in these years.

  With regard to public publications, many books of BITP become best-sellers such as those on children education, family education, humanities and history, economic management, psychological self-management, art, cartoon etc.

  BITP has always attached great importance to international communication and copyright trade. Now it has built up strategic partnership with Computing Technology Industry Association (US), and devoted itself to copyright trade with Germany, U.S.A, U.K., P.O.Korea, Japan and so on.

  Adhering to the marketing principle of “winning readers is winning the future”, we are eager to make progress through cooperation with educational, publishing and marketing colleagues. Welcome to give us your valuable suggestions and opinions.


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